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Frequently Asked Questions


The most common questions that customers ask are "Where is your location?" and "Why can't I phone in to provide my information to you?" 


We are an online specialty, Canadian owned, HVAC Parts Store; this means that we do not operate out of one location in Canada.

At this time, we do not provide any pick up locations for our customers to come and pick up their orders. The items will be shipped out to you from a Canadian facility, in a timely manner, or it will be delivered to your doorstep.

               Side note on shipping: In most cases items are shipped within hours, to1 -7 business days. Please note that it could take up to 1 – 14 business days to receive an item. Time delays could be for meany of reason such as waiting on Stock, or other unforeseen factors. We do ask for your understanding. Ones your items has been handed over to the shipping provider (Canada Post) it is in the hands of the shipping provider, and there is simply nothing we can do to speed up your item to you. All items are shipped with Canada Post expedited shipping.  OemHvacPartsCanada.ca will do all that it can to make sure that you receive your item(s) in a timely manner, but again we do ask for your understanding. We do ask for your patients and understanding during the colder months. Our staff is doing all that it can to insure that your item(s) are being shipped to you as fast as they can be. We understand that it is cold. You the customer do have the option to use a different shipping provider then our provider. But it will be up to you the customer to pay for the alternative shipping provider. For more information on shipping please contact us on our home page.

All items that are sold from our online store are shipping from within Canada. We are not an overseas or US based company.

Prices provided are listed in Canadian Dollars. ***Prices are subject to change without notice***

The Drop and continued weakness of the Canadian dollar has, and will continue to impact the economy. Our industry is no exception, as the vast majority of parts are imported from the US and are bought in US dollars. OemHvacPartsCanada.ca is in the process of increasing prices. If, you have any question regarding this please contact us.


Phone Numbers:

The reason we do not provide a phone number on our website, is for the following reasons:

1) The nature of our business requires us to be 100% accurate, all of the time. If we are speaking to a customer over the phone, then the chance of mistakes are higher, and could end up leaving you with the incorrect part or item; this has happened in the past.
It is much easier to clarify details over email and to ensure accuracy.

How can a phone conversation, end up with the wrong part being ordered?
Canada is a very diverse country, and as such, we have people from all over the world, who call Canada their home. Due to people having different accents, because they speak different languages, sometimes it is difficult for us to understand the recipient on the other end of the phone. If it is difficult to understand our customers, it could lead to wrong info taking on our end. Also, frustration to the customer trying to communicate the problems and for our staff trying to understand what the customer is saying can lead to un plan confrontation. The customer may feel that we are insensitive by repeating the questions that have to be asked, in order to understand. Difficulties in understand have resulted in mistakes before, when the customer receives the incorrect part.
This is why we have switched to email transaction which has eliminate of the misunderstandings, when it comes to obtaining the part numbers and information that we require.

Why can't we have a phone number for customers who want to ask us a question?

We have tried to do this in the past, but unfortunately when a phone number is listed, customers will try to use it to place orders, even though it is to be used solely for question purposes.

With the use of email, we have been able to obtain the most accurate information from our customers.

2) We use email transactions to answer questions, when a customer is looking for a part that is not in our system. In this circumstance, we have to track down the information, and this will take us time to do. As we have to contact our suppliers. 

Emails also helps us to review the information and it helps you to review the information once you receive a response from us, ensuring that all of the information is accurate before you purchase.
Customers must review all materials before ordering, as you are the last person to double check the order, in order to prevent any incorrect part to be shipped to you.

3) Email provides a very good record in the converation between our customers and our staff members.
In this circumstance, you have a record of the conversation and we have a record of the conversation; if we were taping phone calls, it would be difficult for you, the customer, to obtain this record. If you have any doubts of what has been said between yourself and our company, you will have a solid record in which you can look back.
OemHvacPartsCanada.ca understands that not all customers prefer this method of communication, we even understand that some customers may be hesitant or concerned when they want to order a part from us. You may be wary of us, and that we may have a scam operation, because we do not list our phone number. We regret that you feel this way and respect your decisions, but in order for us to provide you with the correct part(s), we have had to build a policy that works for our online specialty HVAC business.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through our home page.

What kind of information do you require from me?
We require as much information as you can provide to us. This includes the make of your furnace, the model number and serial number off of your furnace or A/C. If you can provide us with photos, that would be great; providing us detailed information can ensure accuracy and ensure that you have the correct item(s) sent to your home.
If you see any product numbers on the part, you can send this to us as well.
All information must be sent through our contact page.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

How long does it normally take for a customer service rep to respond to my email request?

At OemHvacPartsCanada, our customer service reps are always working hard to respond to customer questions.

While we try to reach every customer as quickly as possible, it could take a few hours to receive a response.

If you don't receive a response within 12 – 24 hours, it could be that your email may have been missed or was not sent correctly through our contact page. In this case we would recommend that you email us directly at OemHvacPartsCanada@hotmail.com

Thank You.