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How do I find the HVAC part that I am looking for?


There are so many HVAC parts, how am I supposed to find what I am looking for?

The two most importance things that you need to know are the model and serial number of your furnace or air conditioner; without these two vital pieces of information, we are running blind.

Think of your heating equipment like a car...Just like a car, your HVAC equipment has specific parts that are installed to ensure that your unit runs properly.

You spend less on your furnace, than you do on your car, so why would you expect it to last forever without any upkeep. Ensuring that you’re a doing regular maintenance and purchasing the correct parts for your HVAC equipment is essential in extending its life.

Another important in note is that if you only have the part number for what you are looking to purchase, this may not help. Frequently part numbers are replaced or changed over time, so the model and serial number is essential.

If you want the correct part for your unit, always have your model and serial number ready.

Don’t know where to find the model or serial number? Watch our video below.

How do you detect leaking from your furnace gas valve?

How to Detect Leaking Furnace Gas ValvesA furnace gas leak can be a very dangerous and should be dealt with immediately. You would want to fix this gas leak to reduce the chances of the explosion and carbon monoxide poisoning.You can use soap spray as a toxic gas detector; here is a guide to help [...]

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How does the limit switch on my furnace work? And Why do I need a limit switch?

How Does the Limit Switch Work in a Furnace?So have you ever wondered, on those cold winter days, why the burners begin to roar like a lion, a few minutes before the blower motor comes on?Calm down and relax, you are not throwing your warm air out through the venting, it just means the limit switch is [...]

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What is a draft inducer motor? How does it work? And how do I know if it is going to fail?

Draft Inducer MotorA furnace draft inducer motor is a part that is relatively new to furnaces; if you have a mid to high efficient furnace, you would have the draft inducer motor. The draft inducer motor was introduced when the government mandated efficiency standards for furnaces.The purpose of the inducer motor is to move air and [...]

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Furnace Maintenance Tips

Furnace Maintenance TipsTo keep your furnace running safely and efficiently, here are few simple maintenance procedures you can perform.You should replace the air filter at least twice a year; a dirty air filter will restrict airflow causing the furnace blower system to work harder, which increases energy consumption and can lead to premature component failure.Once a year, you should clean [...]

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Furnace not igniting or heating after the call for heat is given?

Furnace not igniting or heating after the call for heat is given? Is your furnace having trouble staying on once it fires up? Does it quickly shut off, after you start it? Does it do this a few times and then fully shuts down? Many homeowners have this problem every years, it is a dirty flame sensor.Heating, Ventilation, and [...]

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Furnace Inducer Motor broken - Why is the inducer motor borken on my Furnace?

Furnace Inducer Motor brokenWhen it comes to break downs on furnaces, especially mid and high efficient furnaces, the number 1 problem is the inducer motor.Why?Inducer motors are more prone to breaking down because of their very nature and what they do. They deal with the by-product of Natural Gas, which is CO (Carbon Monoxide) and [...]

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Non-responsibility disclaimer

Non-responsibility disclaimerFlame sensors, relays, gaskets and any other small item that can be shipped using envelopes, are considered non-trackable items.What does this mean?It means that we are unable to track these items. This means, we can neither confirm or deny whether an item goes missing, or whether the customer actually did receive the item.OemHvacPartsCanada.ca will no longer be accepting responsibility for these items [...]

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Motor or Compressor Will Not Run Properly? How To Test Your Capacitor

A capacitor is a part that stores an electrical charge, somewhat like a battery; the charge is released upon start up for most motors and compressors. Capacitors can be found in most HVAC equipment, including: air conditioners and furnaces; you can also find capacitors in refrigerators and washing machines.Many homeowners, who have experience with their furnace or A/C motor not [...]

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How Furnace Inspections & Buying HVAC Parts Go “Hand-IN-Hand”

How Furnace Inspections & Buying HVAC Parts Go “Hand-IN-Hand”The #1 concern that we often hear from our beloved customers is, “How long is it going to take to receive my part, as we are without heat?”We often receive emails, to this effect:“I am without heat right now, and it is going to be cold tonight. [...]

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