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Have you checked your AC/Furnace Filters Yet?

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Don't let your AC coil/Condenser unit become frozen do to a lack of air flow from your dirty Furnace/AC filter. When this happen even your AC Technician won't be able to do anything until your AC unit is completely thawed from its frozen state (this can take up to 24 - 48 hours)

This thawing process will cause a mess as melting ice begins to pool in and around your furnace. This can cause damage to your furnace, by overtime rusting components like your furnace heat exchangers, Blower motor, Combustion chamber, relay switches, High-limit switch ect...
Most of the time this water will lead to rusting of components on your furnace, which will cause other problem down the road.
90% of the time, your AC unit becomes Frozen do to restrictive air flow, which is in most cases traced back to clog or dirty air filters.

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