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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By accessing this website and purchasing your HVAC item from OemHvacPartsCanada.ca, you are agreeing that you fully agree and understand what it is that OemHvacPartsCanada.ca is offering and by what means. You are also agreeing that you have read the Terms and Conditions of Use below before you purchase off of our site. OemHvacPartsCanada.ca is being transparent with our terms and conditions .

If you do not agree with any of these terms, YOU ARE PROHIBITED from using, accessing, and purchasing on our website.

Important for you to understand that we are not a distributor HVAC company. We work with HVAC distributors to provide you with the HVAC part you need.

The materials appearing on OemHvacPartsCanada.ca’s website could include technical, typographical and incorrect product numbers, as well as videos or photographic errors. If you suspect a listing error, please contact us before ordering the product and provide the model and serial number from your furnace or air conditioner.

HVAC product number often change and it can be very hard to track down products from part numbers if they have become obsolete.

All Orders Are Considered Special Orders

All orders are considered sold when the order has been placed with our supplier.

This site is a specialty site for HVAC parts. It is expected that either you or the HVAC tech that you hired knows what you are doing, and therefore knows what you are ordering. OemhvacPartsCanada.ca cannot be faulted for people who are not qualified who installing an item(s) that has been purchased from our site, that end up turning out to be not the problem solving solution, to your malfunctioning equipment. Due to the complex nature of our supplier’s return policy, and a general consensus to not sell to the general public. returns are difficult to authorize.  Therefore, we consider ALL items sold on this website special order items. It is the buyer's sole responsibility to ensure which part he or she needs before ordering the part from our site. Please do your diagnosis before ordering a part off of our site. Do not treat our site as a part swapping business. Part swapping is not diagnosing. HVAC equipment is very expensive and requires knowledge of what you are attempting to do. If you do not know how to diagnose your faulty equipment please find a qualified HVAC technician to do this for you. 

Also, please do not treat OemHvacPartsCanada as an emergency 24-hour HVAC supply company. If you are in a heating emergency, please contact a local HVAC contractor.

Shipping Policy

Items are shipped Monday through Friday using Canada Post, FedEx and UPS (excluding holidays). We have an 11:00 A.M. cutoff time for most items. Most items that are in stock in our supplier’s warehouse are shipped within 1-2 business days from your order being placed. Non-popular items that are not stocked at our supplier’s warehouse may take up to 5-15 days to be shipped. For orders that require a time lead of 7-15 days, we will contact you ahead of time to see if you are in agreement with it. If you give the go signal to place an order, you will not be able to cancel the order even if the shipment takes longer than the ETA that has been provided.

Moreover, it is your responsibility to keep your shipping address updated. Should the package be returned to us as undelivered due to an error in the address, additional shipping costs will be collected to compensate for reshipping. If you choose to cancel the order at this stage, we will be required to charge you a percentage of what the product cost us plus any shipping fees that were charged. We will then refund you the remainder provided that the item is delivered back to us undamaged. A packaging fee may also be applied depending on how used the box has become from shipping.

Shipping errors, that occur with your item being shipped out with a different shipping carrier than what you have selected can occur. Our default shipping provider is Canada Post, and most items are shipped out this way. So, sometimes human error can occur were we miss the selected shipping provider. In these cases, depending on the situation, we will refund back some or all of the shipping. You still will not be allow to cancel the shipment,as the item still has been shipped out.


Canada Post Card Notification Missed

If you do not collect your item after Canada Post has sent you a card notification informing you where to pick up your item and Canada Post re-sends us back the item, you will be responsible for all fees that are applied to us.

OemHvacPartsCanada.ca automatically provides the Tracking Number to our customers when their items are shipped. It is your responsibility to check the status of the package. If you do not receive a tracking number after your order has been shipped, please contact us.

In the event that your item is shipped back to us, you will then be required to repay the shipping fees for reshipping. If out of frustration you decided to cancel the order at this stage, you will be charged a percentage of what we had to pay for the item plus any other fees that we have been charged.

If the item is damaged or is lost upon return, we will not refund you any of the amounts stated.

If you receive your item and for some reason chose to resend back the item without our knowledge, we will not accept the item back.

What You Need To Do When Your Order Arrives

Make sure that you inspect your item once it arrives for any shipping damages. If you accept the item into your care then days, weeks or months later to then state to us that the item was damaged or incorrect, your claim will be denied based on the time restraints.

Inspect the item before installing it in your equipment. This includes motors and boards. Be sure that there are no signs of damage or tampering. For boards, if you notice any "F" markings on it, do not install it and inform us right away. If you go ahead and install items that have signs of "faults" on them, this may affect our ability to return the item. 

*Photos must be provided.

Venmar/VanEE motors

It is very important for you to make sure you are ordering the correct Venmar/VanEE Motor assembly. OemHvacPartsCanada.ca is no longer able to do exchanges on wrong motor orders. In all cases what ends up happening is Hardware kits end up being lost or are damage when customer originally open the packaging. These items are very hard to replace. Also Packing usually ends up damage, or protective stuffing inside the boxes is forgotten about when customer is re-sending us back the motor. Boxes usually end up covered in shipping labels from the round trip. This stress on the packaging items usually leaves the boxes in poor shape. It is very hard for us to re-sell motors in this condition. You would not approve of us sending you out a motor in this poor condition and therefore you should not aspect your neighbor to accept an item in this state.Therefore after considerable consideration we are no longer accepting these motors back. It is regrettable but OemHvacPartsCanada.ca should not be expect to absorb these customer errors.

If your selecting a 12908 motor, be sure that this is the correct one, as you could very well need a 17236 motor.

Damage Items That Arrive

If your item arrives damaged, you must inform us right away. If you do not inform us within 24 hours upon receipt of the item, this could affect our abilities in processing a claim.

Please provide photos of the item including the packaging material. You must ship the original item back to us. A P.O. Box address will be provided to you when you contact us. You will not be allowed to cancel the order at this time.

Damage Claims With Canada Post

If your item arrives damaged, you must contact us right away. Please provide photos of item with the box and shipping material. You will then have to reship the item back to us as we cannot make a claim without the item in our possession first.

Canada Post has some of the strictest damage claims policy of all of the shipping providers we use. In almost all cases, they will contact you, before us. If you provide incorrect information to Canada Post by stating that we did not pack the item correctly, which we reject as false as all of our items are sent out with utmost standard of packaging (Please check out our shipping video (Coming soon)), Canada Post will deny the damage claim. If Canada Post does so, we too will deny the claim. We understand that this is frustrating, but in order for us to help you, we ask that customers be fully understanding and provide Canada Post with the most accredited information that reflects our abilities as shown in our shipping video.

Requesting Information From Customers

It is your responsibility to provide us with correct information. Do not expect us to request further information about the part that you have ordered from us. While there may be cases where we will reach out to a customer to provide further information in order to ensure that the customer has ordered the correct part, this is NOT done on popular listings but only on older listings with outdated part numbers or when there may be an issue in pricing.

While reaching out to a customer to inform a pricing error, we will, at the same time, ask for the furnace or AC’s model and serial number to check if what they are looking for is correct.

It is your responsibility to provide us with all pertinent model numbers, serial numbers, and additional information before you order a part from us by submitting it all in our contact page. This is the only way we can prevent incorrect orders from being ordered.

Email And Address

It is your responsibility to keep your address and email address up to date. If we tried to email you regarding pricing or other concerns and we receive no response back, after two weeks of unanswered emails, we will cancel the order and we may apply a processing fee to your order.

Cancelling Your Order

If you want to cancel your order, please do so within 12 hours.

Most items are retrieved relatively quickly. Your order is placed with a supplier within minutes or hours when you place your order on our website.. Even if the order still shows "awaiting fulfilment", your order may have already been processed by a rep. Since during the business hours, we have staff monitoring our site for orders. Once we have placed the order with our suppliers (Even if this is before the 12 hours) and you wish to cancel the order, we will have to apply a processing fee as there may be cost generated with your order being placed. Processing fees also can be applied as an deterrent. Cancelling orders in the HVAC industry is very unprofessional for an HVAC business. This kind of reputation can lead to suppliers refusing to sell to us. As the HVAC suppliers expects a basic level of HVAC knowledge on our part, when ordering parts.( Please do not confuse the way that HVAC parts are order, to the same way vehicle parts are order. These are two different industry with two different standards). As such we to have to pass this expectation onto our customers. Therefore, we do require that customers have a basic level of knowledge in the HVAC industry of knowing what part(s) they are ordering. If you are in doubt,  please contact us first before order an item, or we recommended that you contact an HVAC Tech to help you in ordering the correct item(s). We cannot stress this enough.

If you wish to cancel your order after the item has been shipped out, you will not be allowed to.


If you have been granted a refund by our staff, please note that the refund could take anywhere from 1-14 days to be processed back.If you have not received your refund within this timeframe, please contact us. 

Incorrect Item Shipped

At OemHvacPartsCanada.ca, we make all attempts to send out the correct item. However, human error can occur. If you receive an incorrect item, it is imperative that you notify us immediately. From the moment the item is received, you will have 24 hours to check to ensure that you have received the correct item. You will be required to send us back the incorrect item and we will reimburse you on the shipping. However, after the 24-hour mark, you will be required to ship the item back to us at your own expense.

Depending on the item, we may require the item to be delivered back to us before we ship you out the correct replacement item as we will have to ensure that the item being sent back is in perfect order. If the incorrect item was damaged or lost when you sent it back, you will be responsible for the item.

If you choose to purchase the correct item from our competitors and want us to cancel the original order, fees will apply. The cost of the product paid by OemHvacPartsCanada.ca will not be reimbursed. This implies to incorrect items as well as OemHvacPartsCanada.ca has stated its commitment in resending you the correct part but that it was your choice to not wait for us to correct the error. 

Defective Parts And Warranties

It is extremely rare for an item to be defective upon arrival. As OemHvacPartsCanada.ca staff and our supplier’s staff are constantly inspecting and checking items to ensure that the product is in good working order. Also, manufacturers have a high standard of ensuring that the replacement part being sent out is in top working order. 

If you are not a licensed HVAC tech, you are assuming all responsibility with your purchases.

There is simply no way we are able to tell if a person installing the equipment is installing it to the manufacturer's specification. Please understand that HVAC techs have years of training on how to install equipment to match manufacturer requirements.

It is extremely rare for HVAC equipment to be malfunctioning upon arrival. Manufacturers know this and this is why they demand, even from HVAC techs, a report to illustrate the defect and how the replacement part was installed.

Contractor and HVAC license are also needed in order to file out a warranty claim.

Please understand that OemHvacPartsCanada.ca is not the manufacturer. We have to work under the policy the manufacturer and supplier outlines for us. Warranty in the HVAC industry are not the same as in other industries. HVAC parts are more specialized and require more attention. It is also expected in the HVAC industry that the people who are installing the items are licensed individuals.

OemHvacPartsCanada.ca has provided these Terms and Conditions to properly inform you, the buyer. While we do treat our business as a business, we want you, our prospect customers, to be fully aware of what it is that we can and cannot offer. This is an attempt to make it clear to all, that OemHvacPartsCanada.ca is being completely upfront and honest with what we can and can not offer. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us before ordering and addressing your concerns and questions to a rep.


Thank you for your understanding!