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Single Run Capacitors Canada

Buy Single Run OEM Capacitors in Canada

Run capacitors are designed for continuous duty while the motor is powered, which is why electrolytic capacitors are avoided, and low-loss polymer capacitors are used instead. Run capacitors are mostly polypropylene film capacitors and are designed for continuous duty, and they are energized the entire time the motor is running. Run capacitors are rated in a range of 1.5 to 100 microfarads (µF or mfd), with voltage classifications of 370 V or 440 V.

If a wrong capacitance value is installed, it will cause an uneven magnetic field which causes the rotor to hesistate at those spots that are uneven, which can be observed as uneven motor rotation speed, especially under load. This hesitation can cause the motor to become noisy, increase energy consumption, cause performance to drop, and cause the motor to overheat.

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