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Venmar HRV Air Exchangers

Venmar Air Exchangers Are Energy Star Qualified


If you are looking for a good quality Venmar air exchanger, in North America, with certain specification ratings, with quality heat or energy recovery, that you are able to install yourself, we have many Venmar units to choose from. 

Even if you cannot find what you're looking for, please visit Venmar’s website and let us know which unit you are interested in. On their site you can find CFM ratings on the left menu, you can search by ventilation capacity, or by the type of recovery or brand. This will make your search much easier!

Peace Contact Us If you are unable to find your unit in stores, you have come to the right place, OemhvacpartsCanada.ca will be glad to be able to assist you, in your search for the right Venmar air exchanger or parts.