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What Do I Do If My AC Unit Is Frozen? Can I fix's This Problem?

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WhatDo I Do If My AC Unit Is Frozen? Can I fix's This Problem?


Just like the five stage of grief. Before you can Fix’s the problem you have to admit that your AC has a problem.

Denial will only get you so far. You can only reset the thermostat for so many times.

Your air conditioner is iced up. Now, YOU want to know —”Can I fix this problem before your partner comes home and realizes we have no cold air in the house”. You want to save money and look like the cool calm hero that every body loves. My answer is….”maybe”. This will depend on a few things.

First and most importantly go check your air filter. If you don’t know where your air filter is, or don’t know how to change your filter. I would recommend; you-tubing this, there's a lot of good videos on line that can help with this. Ones, you are comfortable in knowing how to change the Air filter; Then take note: Is the filter VERY DIRTY? Is the filter clogged solid, has it been months, or even years since anyone has change the air filter? If you see the Filter being very dirty or clog then that MAY very well be your problem.

After chaining the filter your going to want to wait a few hours before you turn the AC back on. If you see ice out side then chance are your indoor evaporator coil is a solid block of ice. It can take up to 4-8hours(sometimes even longer)for the AC unit to completely thaw, so your going to have to wait awhile before truing on the AC unit. For now keep the thermostat to  “OFF”. If you have a fan selection setting on the thermostat flick it to fan “ON”. After 3-4 hours, turn the thermostat to system “ON”, put the fan back to “AUTO”.  Depending on how long the AC has been off for it may take sometime before you notice any change in temperature. So be patient

If it's been a really hot, humid day and the A/C has been out of service for several hours. Chance are the house is going to be the same temperature as the outside. So this means that all of the items inside your home will have heat attached to them. This heat will have to slowly give up its heat, and for the house to cool off. This will take time. NOW, if the system ices up again, chance are you’ve got other problems. In this case I would recommend calling up an HVAC company to come by to properly diagnose the AC for you.

It could be the following:

1)Low Refrigerant Levels

2)Blower motor is not operating the correct way. Defeated.

3)Out door Contactor is Stuck: The contactor is a small part on the outside unit. If you turn your thermostat off and go outside and see the outside unit running. This could be a giveaway that your contactor is stuck. If, you don't know how to short this out I would recommend you call in an HVAC company to come in to fix's it.

4)Indoor evaporator coil is dirty/clogged

Always start with the most simplest solution first before going to the next level. Work your way out, this is how most HVAC technicians work.

Thanks for reading