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Furnace Inducer Motor broken - Why is the inducer motor borken on my Furnace?

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Furnace Inducer Motor broken

When it comes to break downs on furnaces, especially mid and high efficient furnaces, the number 1 problem is the inducer motor.


Inducer motors are more prone to breaking down because of their very nature and what they do. They deal with the by-product of Natural Gas, which is CO (Carbon Monoxide) and this can be very corrosive by nature, not to mention deadly to humans. This corrosive CO burns out inducer motors, much faster than your furnace blower motor, which only has to worry about pushing air passed your furnace’s heating exchanger in the winter or the AC coil in the summer.

Here Is the Good News...

99.999% of the time these inducer motors do not simply stop working.

In most cases, there are signs that the motor is about to die. Is there a loud grinding sound upon the start of your furnace?

Is there a continuous grinding sound when the furnace is on?

“Does my furnace sound like it wants to take off like an airplane?”

Is there water leaking out of the inducer motor?

If so, chances are your inducer motor is about to die.

In these cases, I would recommend purchasing the correct replacement part immediately, or to have an inducer motor on hand, so that when your furnace quits, you can replace it immediately.

A licensed and certified technician will be able to catch this potential break down, almost instantly when doing a furnace inspection; it is that obvious. They will in all accounts inform you in their written report or verbally, that “You might want to think about replacing your inducer motor, as it's showing signs that it may die soon”. They may go into a sales pitch at this point in time, but at least you know what you have to keep an eye on.

In most cases, motor break downs, whether it is the inducer motor or the blower motor, there will always be a grinding sound to the motor.

You just need to get it narrowed down, and this is why having an HVAC company come into to your home to perform a furnace maintenance is beneficial to you.

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