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Furnace Maintenance Tips


Furnace Maintenance Tips

To keep your furnace running safely and efficiently, here are few simple maintenance procedures you can perform.

You should replace the air filter at least twice a year; a dirty air filter will restrict airflow causing the furnace blower system to work harder, which increases energy consumption and can lead to premature component failure.

Once a year, you should clean out the interior of the furnace using a vacuum with a long attachment; every few years, consider hiring professional duct cleaners to clean out your home duct work. This is also recommended following any home renovations or if there is evidence of mould growth or animal infestation.

To maintain good airflow, make sure the homes venting core registers are free of obstructions. the space around your furnace should always remain well ventilated. If the furnace is located in a closet, there should be space left at the bottom of the door, to ensure proper air flow.

efore the weather turns cold, you should turn on your furnace and monitor the system's thermostat to ensure it's working properly. Check for any air leaks in the duct and use duct tape to seal; you may also consider using expanding foam to seal up the holes around your home's exterior and make sure the windows are well caulked or have adequate weatherstripping.

Safety should always be a top priority before doing any maintenance or repairs. Make sure the power supply to the furnace has been switched off and keep any flammable products, such as gasoline, paint, or paint thinners away from your furnace and water heater. Since the air exhausted through the flue contains toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide; carbon monoxide detectors should be installed near the bedrooms and have their batteries checked regularly.

I hope these simple tips will help you with your furnace maintenance questions.