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How do I find HVAC part


There are so many HVAC parts, how am I supposed to find what I am looking for?

The two most importance things that you need to know are the model and serial number of your furnace or air conditioner; without these two vital pieces of information, we are running blind.

Think of your heating equipment like a car...Just like a car, your HVAC equipment has specific parts that are installed to ensure that your unit runs properly.

You spend less on your furnace, than you do on your car, so why would you expect it to last forever without any upkeep. Ensuring that you’re a doing regular maintenance and purchasing the correct parts for your HVAC equipment is essential in extending its life.

Another important in note is that if you only have the part number for what you are looking to purchase, this may not help. Frequently part numbers are replaced or changed over time, so the model and serial number is essential.

If you want the correct part for your unit, always have your model and serial number ready.

Don’t know where to find the model or serial number? Watch our video below.