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49M8501 Lennox Furnace PSE-L60-SB Electrode Ignitor

  • 49M8501 Lennox Furnace PSE-L60-SB Electrode Ignitor
1.00 LBS
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$12.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

49M8501 Lennox Furnace PSE-L60-SB Electrode Ignitor

KDB024H4, KDB092H4, KDB102H4, KDB122H4, KGA024S4, KGA030S4, KGA036S4, KGA048S4, KGA060S4, KGA072S4,KGA090S4, KGA092H4,

KGA092S4, KGA102H4, KGA102S4, KGA120H4, KGA120S4, KGA150S4, KGA156H4, KGA180H4, KGA180S4, KGA210H4, KGA210S4, KGA240H4,

KGA240S4, KGA300H4, KGA300S4, KGB024S4, KGB030S4, KGB036S4, KGB048S4, KGB060S4, KGB072H4, KGB074H4, KGB074S4, KGB090S4

KGB092S4, KGB102S4, KGB120S4, KGB150S4, KGB180S4, KGB210S4, KGB240S4, KGB300S4, LGA090H, LGA090H4, LGA102H2, LGA102H

LGA102H4, LGA120H, LGA120H4, LGA150S, LGA240H, LGA240H4, LGA248H2, LGA248H4, LGA360H, LGC090S2, LGC102S, LGC120S, LGC120S4

LGC150S, LGC150S4, LGC156H, LGC156H4, LGC180H2, LGC180H4, LGC180S, LGC210H2, LGC210H4, LGC210S, LGC240S, LGC300H, LGC300H4

LGC300S, LGC300S4, LGC360H2, LGC360H4, LGE120H4, LGE240H4, LGH036H4, LGH036S4, LGH036U4, LGH048H4, LGH048S4, LGH048U4

LGH060H4, LGH060S4, LGH060U4, LGH072H4, LGH074H4, LGH074U4, LGH092H4, LGH094U4, LGH102H4, LGH120H4, LGH122U4, LGH150H4

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LRP14DF24-072P, LRP14DF24-072XP, LRP14DF30-072P, LRP14DF30-072XP, LRP14DF36-072P, LRP14DF36-072XP, LRP14DF36-090P, LRP14DF42-072P

LRP14DF42-072XP, LRP14DF42-090P, LRP14DF48-126P, LRP14DF48-126XP, LRP14DF60-126P, LRP14DF60-126XP, LRP14GE24-054P, LRP14GE24-054XP

LRP14GE24-072P, LRP14GE30-054P, LRP14GE30-054XP, LRP14GE30-072P, LRP14GE36-054P, LRP14GE36-072P, LRP14GE36-072XP, LRP14GE36-090P

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SGC120H4, SGC240H4, SGC288H4, TGA024S2, TGA030S2, TGA036B2, TGA036S2, TGA048B2, TGA048S2, TGA060B2, TGA060S2, TGA072S2

TGA090H2, TGA090S2, TGA102H2, TGA102S2, TGA120H2, TGA120S2, TGA150S2, TGA180H2, TGA180S2, TGA210H2, TGA210S2, TGA240H2,TGA240S2

TGA300S2, ZGA036S4, ZGA048S4, ZGA060S4, ZGA072S4, ZGA092S4, ZGA102S4, ZGA120S4, ZGA150S4, ZGB036S4, ZGB048S4, ZGB060S4, ZGB074S4

ZGB092S4, ZGB102S4, ZGB120S4, ZGB150S4


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