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Goodman Amana Janitrol Transformer 240 24 volt B1141643

  • Goodman Amana Janitrol Transformer 240 24 volt B1141643
2.000 LBS
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$15.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

AMANA/GOODMAN/JANITORL 24 volt Transformer

0130M00138S New Part number

PRI - 208/240 VAC

SEC- 24 Vac

40 VA

60 HZ

Class 2


Partial List of Amana/Goodman/Janitrol Furnace that use this Transformer:

ADPF18241AA ADPF18241AA ADPF18241BA ADPF18241BA ADPF30421AA ADPF30421AA ADPF30421BA ADPF30421BA ADPF48601AA ADPF48601AA ADPF48601BA ADPF48601BA AEPF18301AA AEPF18301AA AEPF18301BA AEPF18301BA AEPF30361AA AEPF30361AA AEPF30361BA AEPF30361BA AEPF42601BA AEPF42601AA AEPF42601AA AEPT030-00A-1 AEPT030-00A-1 AEPT030-00A-1* AEPT030-00C-1 AEPT030-00C-1 AEPT030-00C-1A AEPT030-00C-1A AEPT036-00A-1 AEPT036-00A-1 AEPT036-00A-1* AEPT036-00C-1 AEPT036-00C-1 AEPT036-00C-1A AEPT036-00C-1A AEPT060-00A-1 AEPT060-00A-1 AEPT060-00A-1* AEPT060-00C-1 AEPT060-00C-1 AEPT060-00C-1A AEPT060-00C-1A APG10240451A APG10240451A APG10240701A APG10240701A APG10300701A APG10300701A APG10360701A APG10360701A APG10360901A APG10360901A APG10360903A APG10360903A APG10420701A APG10420701A APG10420901A APG10420901A APG10480901A APG10480901A APG10480903A APG10480903A APG10481151A APG10481151A APG10600901A APG10600901A APG10600903A APG10600903A APG10601401A APG10601401A APG10601403A APG10601403A APG12240451A APG12240451A APG12240701A APG12240701A APG12300701A APG12300701A APG12360701A APG12360701A APG12360901A APG12360901A APG12420701A APG12420701A APG12420901A APG12420901A APG12480901A APG12480901A APG12481151A APG12481151A APG12600901A APG12600901A APG12601151A APG12601151A APG13240451A APG13240451A APG13240701A APG13240701A APG13300451A APG13300451A APG13300701A APG13300701A APG13360451A APG13360451A APG13360701A APG13360701A APG13360901A APG13360901A APG13420701A APG13420701A APG13420901A APG13420901A APG13480701 APG13480701AB APG13480701A APG13480701A APG13480901 APG13480901AB APG13480901A APG13480901A APG13481151 APG13481151AB APG13481151A APG13481151A APG13600901A APG13600901A APG13601151A APG13601151A APG13601401A APG13601401A AR18-1 AR18-1* AR24-1 AR24-1* AR30-1 AR30-1* AR32-1 AR32-1* AR36-1 AR36-1* AR42-1 AR42-1* AR48-1 AR48-1* AR49-1 AR49-1* AR60-1 AR60-1* AR61-1 AR61-1* ARPF024-00B-1 ARPF024-00B-1* ARPF024-00B-1A ARPF024-00B-1A ARPF036-00B-1 ARPF036-00B-1* ARPF036-00B-1A ARPF036-00B-1A ARPF048-00B-1 ARPF048-00B-1* ARPF048-00B-1A ARPF048-00B-1A ARPF060-00B-1 ARPF060-00B-1* ARPF060-00B-1A ARPF060-00B-1A ARPF18241 ARPF18241BA ARPF18241AA ARPF18241AA ARPF18241BA ARPF18241BA ARPF30301 ARPF30301BA ARPF30301AA ARPF30301AA ARPF30301BA ARPF30301BA ARPF36421 ARPF36421BA ARPF36421AA ARPF36421AA ARPF36421BA ARPF36421BA ARPF37431 ARPF37431BA ARPF37431BA ARPF37431BA ARPF48601 ARPF48601BA ARPF48601AA ARPF48601AA ARPF48601BA ARPF48601BA ARPT024-00A-1 ARPT024-00A-1 ARPT024-00C-1 ARPT024-00C-1 ARPT024-00C-1A ARPT024-00C-1A ARPT032-00A-1 ARPT032-00A-1 ARPT032-00C-1 ARPT032-00C-1 ARPT032-00C-1A ARPT032-00C-1A ARPT032-00C-1B ARPT032-00C-1B ARPT032-00C-1C ARPT032-00C-1C ARPT036-00A-1 ARPT036-00A-1 ARPT036-00C-1 ARPT036-00C-1 ARPT036-00C-1A ARPT036-00C-1A ARPT042-00A-1 ARPT042-00A-1 ARPT042-00C-1 ARPT042-00C-1 ARPT042-00C-1A ARPT042-00C-1A ARPT042-00C-1B ARPT042-00C-1B ARPT049-00A-1 ARPT049-00A-1 ARPT049-00C-1 ARPT049-00C-1 ARPT049-00C-1A ARPT049-00C-1A ARPT049-00C-1B ARPT049-00C-1B ARPT061-00A-1 ARPT061-00A-1 ARPT061-00C-1 ARPT061-00C-1 ARPT061-00C-1A ARPT061-00C-1A ARPT061-00C-1B ARPT061-00C-1B ARUF018-00A-1 ARUF018-00A-1* ARUF018-00A-1A ARUF018-00A-1A ARUF024-00A-1 ARUF024-00A-1* ARUF024-00A-1A ARUF024-00A-1A ARUF030-00A-1 ARUF030-00A-1* ARUF030-00A-1A ARUF030-00A-1A ARUF032-00A-1 ARUF032-00A-1* ARUF032-00A-1A ARUF032-00A-1A ARUF032-00A-1B ARUF032-00A-1B ARUF032-00A-1C ARUF032-00A-1C ARUF036-00A-1 ARUF036-00A-1* ARUF036-00A-1A ARUF036-00A-1A ARUF042-00A-1 ARUF042-00A-1* ARUF042-00A-1A ARUF042-00A-1A ARUF042-00A-1B ARUF042-00A-1B ARUF048-00A-1 ARUF048-00A-1* ARUF048-00A-1A ARUF048-00A-1A ARUF049-00A-1 ARUF049-00A-1* ARUF049-00A-1A ARUF049-00A-1A ARUF049-00A-1B ARUF049-00A-1B ARUF060-00A-1 ARUF060-00A-1* ARUF060-00A-1A ARUF060-00A-1A ARUF061-00A-1 ARUF061-00A-1* ARUF061-00A-1A ARUF061-00A-1A ARUF061-00A-1B ARUF061-00A-1B ARUF17291 ARUF17291BA ARUF18241 ARUF18241BA ARUF18241BA ARUF18241BA ARUF30301 ARUF30301BA ARUF30301BA ARUF30301BA ARUF36421 ARUF36421BA ARUF36421BA ARUF36421BA ARUF37431 ARUF37431BA ARUF37431BA ARUF37431BA ARUF48601 ARUF48601BA ARUF48601BA ARUF48601BA AWB18-05D AWB18-05D AWB18-08D AWB18-08D AWB24-05D AWB24-05D AWB24-08D AWB24-08D AWB24-10D AWB24-10D AWB30-05D AWB30-05D AWB30-08D AWB30-08D AWB30-10D AWB30-10D AWB36-05DFR AWB36-05DFR AWB36-08DFR AWB36-08DFR AWB36-10DFR AWB36-10DFR GPC1324h11A GPC1324h11A GPC1324h11AB GPC1324h11AB GPC1330h11A GPC1330h11A GPC1330h11AB GPC1330h11AB GPC1336h11A GPC1336h11A GPC1336h11AB GPC1336h11AB GPC1342h11A GPC1342h11A GPC1342h11AB GPC1342h11AB GPC1348h11A GPC1348h11A GPC1348h11AB GPC1348h11AB GPC1360h11A GPC1360h11A GPC1360h11AA GPC1360h11AA GPG10240451A GPG10240451A GPG10240701A GPG10240701A GPG10300701A GPG10300701A GPG10360701A GPG10360701A GPG10360901A GPG10360901A GPG10360903A GPG10360903A GPG10420701A GPG10420701A GPG10420901A GPG10420901A GPG10480901A GPG10480901A GPG10480903A GPG10480903A GPG10481151A GPG10481151A GPG10600901A GPG10600901A GPG10600903A GPG10600903A GPG10601401A GPG10601401A GPG10601403A GPG10601403A GPG12240451A GPG12240451A GPG12240701A GPG12240701A GPG12300701A GPG12300701A GPG12360701A GPG12360701A GPG12360901A GPG12360901A GPG12420701A GPG12420701A GPG12420901A GPG12420901A GPG12480901A GPG12480901A GPG12481151A GPG12481151A GPG12600901A GPG12600901A GPG12601151A GPG12601151A GPG13360903A GPG13360903A GPG13480701 GPG13480701AB GPG13480901 GPG13480901AB GPG13480903A GPG13480903A GPG13481151 GPG13481151AB GPG13600903A GPG13600903A GPG13601403A GPG13601403A GPH1324h11A GPH1324h11A GPH1324h11AB GPH1324h11AB GPH1330h11A GPH1330h11A GPH1330h11AB GPH1330h11AB GPH1336h11A GPH1336h11A GPH1336h11AB GPH1336h11AB GPH1342h11A GPH1342h11A GPH1342h11AB GPH1342h11AB GPH1348h11A GPH1348h11A GPH1348h11AB GPH1348h11AB GPH1360h11A GPH1360h11A GPH1360h11AA GPH1360h11AA PC024-1 PC024-1 PC030-1 PC030-1 PC036-1A PC036-1A PC036-3A PC036-3A PC042-1A PC042-1A PC042-3A PC042-3A PC048-1 PC048-1 PC048-3 PC048-3 PC060-1B PC060-1B PC060-3B PC060-3B PCK024-1 PCK024-1 PCK024-1A PCK024-1A PCK024-1C PCK024-1C PCK024-1F PCK024-1F PCK030-1 PCK030-1 PCK030-1A PCK030-1A PCK030-1C PCK030-1C PCK030-1F PCK030-1F PCK036-1 PCK036-1 PCK036-1A PCK036-1A PCK036-1C PCK036-1C PCK036-1F PCK036-1F PCK036-3 PCK036-3 PCK036-3B PCK036-3B PCK036-3C PCK036-3C PCK036-3F PCK036-3F PCK042-1 PCK042-1 PCK042-1A PCK042-1A PCK042-1C PCK042-1C PCK042-1F PCK042-1F PCK042-3 PCK042-3 PCK048-1 PCK048-1 PCK048-1A PCK048-1A PCK048-1C PCK048-1C PCK048-1F PCK048-1F PCK048-3 PCK048-3 PCK048-3A PCK048-3A PCK048-3C PCK048-3C PCK048-3F PCK048-3F PCK060-1 PCK060-1 PCK060-1C PCK060-1C PCK060-1F PCK060-1F PCK060-3 PCK060-3 PCK060-3C PCK060-3C PCK060-3F PCK060-3F PCKJ024-1A PCKJ024-1A PCKJ024-1A* PCKJ024-1B PCKJ024-1B PCKJ024-1E PCKJ024-1E PCKJ024-1F PCKJ024-1F PCKJ030-1 PCKJ030-1 PCKJ030-1* PCKJ030-1A PCKJ030-1A PCKJ030-1E PCKJ030-1E PCKJ030-1F PCKJ030-1F PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A* PCKJ036-1E PCKJ036-1E PCKJ036-1F PCKJ036-1F PCKJ036-1G PCKJ036-1G PCKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D* PCKJ042-1E PCKJ042-1E PCKJ042-1F PCKJ042-1F PCKJ048-1 PHKJ048-1 PHKJ048-1* PCKJ048-1E PCKJ048-1E PCKJ048-1F PCKJ048-1F PCKJ060-1 PHKJ060-1 PHKJ060-1* PCKJ060-1E PCKJ060-1E PCKJ060-1F PCKJ060-1F PGB024050-1 PGB024050-1 PGB024050-1A PGB024050-1A PGB024075-1 PGB024075-1 PGB024075-1A PGB024075-1A PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1B PGB030050-1B PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1B PGB030075-1B PGB030100-1A PGB030100-1A PGB030100-1B PGB030100-1B PGB036050-1A PGB036050-1A PGB036050-1B PGB036050-1B PGB036075-1A PGB036075-1A PGB036075-1B PGB036075-1B PGB036075-3A PGB036075-3A PGB036075-3B PGB036075-3B PGB036075-3C PGB036075-3C PGB036100-1A PGB036100-1A PGB036100-1B PGB036100-1B PGB042075-1A PGB042075-1A PGB042075-1B PGB042075-1B PGB042100-1A PGB042100-1A PGB042100-1B PGB042100-1B PGB042125-1 PGB042125-1 PGB042125-1B PGB042125-1B PGB048075-1A PGB048075-1A PGB048075-1B PGB048075-1B PGB048100-3A PGB048100-3A PGB048100-3B PGB048100-3B PGB048125-1A PGB048125-1A PGB048125-1B PGB048125-1B PGB048150-1A PGB048150-1A PGB048150-1B PGB048150-1B PGB048150-3A PGB048150-3A PGB048150-3B PGB048150-3B PGB060100-1 PGB060100-1 PGB060100-3 PGB060100-3 PGB060125-1 PGB060125-1 PGB060125-3 PGB060125-3 PGB060150-1 PGB060150-1 PGB060150-3 PGB060150-3 PGJ024050-1A PGJ024050-1A PGJ024050-1B PGJ024050-1B PGJ024075-1A PGJ024075-1A PGJ024075-1B PGJ024075-1B PGJ030050-1A PGJ030050-1A PGJ030050-1B PGJ030050-1B PGJ030075-1A PGJ030075-1A PGJ030075-1B PGJ030075-1B PGJ036075-1A PGJ036075-1A PGJ036075-1B PGJ036075-1B PGJ036100-1A PGJ036100-1A PGJ036100-1B PGJ036100-1B PGJ042075-1A PGJ042075-1A PGJ042075-1B PGJ042075-1B PGJ042100-1A PGJ042100-1A PGJ042100-1B PGJ042100-1B PGJ048075-1 PGJ048075-1 PGJ048075-1A PGJ048075-1A PGJ048100-1 PGJ048100-1 PGJ048100-1A PGJ048100-1A PH024-1 PH024-1 PH030-1D PH030-1D PH036-1D PH036-1D PH036-3A PH036-3A PH042-1 PH042-1 PH048-1A PH048-1A PH048-3A PH048-3A PH060-1C PH060-1C PH060-3C PH060-3C PHK024-1 PHK024-1 PHK024-1A PHK024-1A PHK024-1B PHK024-1B PHK024-1F PHK024-1F PHK030-1 PHK030-1 PHK030-1A PHK030-1A PHK030-1B PHK030-1B PHK030-1F PHK030-1F PHK036-1 PHK036-1 PHK036-1A PHK036-1A PHK036-1B PHK036-1B PHK036-1F PHK036-1F PHK036-3 PHK036-3 PHK036-3A PHK036-3A PHK036-3B PHK036-3B PHK036-3F PHK036-3F PHK042-1 PHK042-1 PHK042-1A PHK042-1A PHK042-1B PHK042-1B PHK042-1F PHK042-1F PHK048-1 PHK048-1 PHK048-1A PHK048-1A PHK048-1B PHK048-1B PHK048-1F PHK048-1F PHK048-3 PHK048-3 PHK048-3A PHK048-3A PHK048-3B PHK048-3B PHK048-3F PHK048-3F PHK060-1 PHK060-1 PHK060-1B PHK060-1B PHK060-1F PHK060-1F PHK060-3 PHK060-3 PHK060-3B PHK060-3B PHK060-3F PHK060-3F PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1A* PHKJ024-1B PHKJ024-1B PHKJ024-1C PHKJ024-1C PHKJ024-1F PHKJ024-1F PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1* PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1F PHKJ030-1F PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A* PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1F PHKJ036-1F PHKJ042-1 PHKJ042-1 PHKJ042-1C PHKJ042-1C PHKJ042-1F PHKJ042-1F PHKJ048-1A PHKJ048-1A PHKJ048-1A* PHKJ048-1C PHKJ048-1C PHKJ048-1F PHKJ048-1F PHKJ060-1 PHKJ060-1 PHKJ060-1A PHKJ060-1A PHKJ060-1A* PHKJ060-1C PHKJ060-1C PHKJ060-1F PHKJ060-1F ACNF18001AA ACNF18001AA ACNF18051AA ACNF18051AA ACNF18061AA ACNF18061AA ACNF18081AA ACNF18081AA ACNF24001AA ACNF24001AA ACNF24051AA ACNF24051AA ACNF24061AA ACNF24061AA ACNF24081AA ACNF24081AA ACNF24101AA ACNF24101AA ACNF30001AA ACNF30001AA ACNF30051AA ACNF30051AA ACNF30061AA ACNF30061AA ACNF30081AA ACNF30081AA ACNF30101AA ACNF30101AA AWB18-00C AWB18-00C AWB18-00C A AWB18-00C A AWB18-03C AWB18-03C AWB18-03C A AWB18-03C A AWB18-05C AWB18-05C AWB18-05C A AWB18-05C A AWB18-05C B AWB18-05C B AWB18-05C C AWB18-05C C AWB18-05C D AWB18-05C D AWB18-05C E AWB18-05C E AWB18-05CRevD AWB18-05CRevD AWB18-05CRevE AWB18-05CRevE AWB18-08C AWB18-08C AWB18-08C A AWB18-08C A AWB18-08C B AWB18-08C B AWB18-08C C AWB18-08C C AWB18-08C D AWB18-08C D AWB18-08C E AWB18-08C E AWB18-08CRevD AWB18-08CRevD AWB18-08CRevE AWB18-08CRevE AWB24-00C AWB24-00C AWB24-00C A AWB24-00C A AWB24-03C AWB24-03C AWB24-03C A AWB24-03C A AWB24-05C AWB24-05C AWB24-05C A AWB24-05C A AWB24-05C B AWB24-05C B AWB24-05C C AWB24-05C C AWB24-05C D AWB24-05C D AWB24-05C E AWB24-05C E AWB24-05CRevD AWB24-05CRevD AWB24-05CRevE AWB24-05CRevE AWB24-08C AWB24-08C AWB24-08C A AWB24-08C A AWB24-08C B AWB24-08C B AWB24-08C C AWB24-08C C AWB24-08C D AWB24-08C D AWB24-08C E AWB24-08C E AWB24-08CRevD AWB24-08CRevD AWB24-08CRevE AWB24-08CRevE AWB24-10C AWB24-10C AWB24-10C A AWB24-10C A AWB24-10C B AWB24-10C B AWB24-10C C AWB24-10C C AWB24-10C D AWB24-10C D AWB24-10C E AWB24-10C E AWB24-10CRevD AWB24-10CRevD AWB24-10CRevE AWB24-10CRevE AWB30-00C AWB30-00C AWB30-00C A AWB30-00C A AWB30-03C AWB30-03C AWB30-03C A AWB30-03C A AWB30-05C AWB30-05C AWB30-05C A AWB30-05C A AWB30-05C B AWB30-05C B AWB30-05C C AWB30-05C C AWB30-05C D AWB30-05C D AWB30-05C E AWB30-05C E AWB30-05CRevD AWB30-05CRevD AWB30-05CRevE AWB30-05CRevE AWB30-08C AWB30-08C AWB30-08C A AWB30-08C A AWB30-08C B AWB30-08C B AWB30-08C C AWB30-08C C AWB30-08C D AWB30-08C D AWB30-08C E AWB30-08C E AWB30-08CRevD AWB30-08CRevD AWB30-08CRevE AWB30-08CRevE AWB30-10C AWB30-10C AWB30-10C A AWB30-10C A AWB30-10C B AWB30-10C B AWB30-10C C AWB30-10C C AWB30-10C D AWB30-10C D AWB30-10C E AWB30-10C E AWB30-10CRevD AWB30-10CRevD AWB30-10CRevE AWB30-10CRevE AWB36-05C AWB36-05C AWB36-05C A AWB36-05C A AWB36-05C B AWB36-05C B AWB36-05CFR AWB36-05CFR AWB36-05CFR A AWB36-05CFR A AWB36-05CFR B AWB36-05CFR B AWB36-08C AWB36-08C AWB36-08C A AWB36-08C A AWB36-08C B AWB36-08C B AWB36-08CFR AWB36-08CFR AWB36-08CFR A AWB36-08CFR A AWB36-08CFR B AWB36-08CFR B AWB36-10C AWB36-10C AWB36-10C A AWB36-10C A AWB36-10C B AWB36-10C B AWB36-10CFR AWB36-10CFR AWB36-10CFR A AWB36-10CFR A AWB36-10CFR B AWB36-10CFR B AWUF18051AA AWUF18051AA AWUF18081AA AWUF18081AA AWUF24051AA AWUF24051AA AWUF24081AA AWUF24081AA AWUF24101AA AWUF24101AA AWUF36051AA AWUF36051AA AWUF36081AA AWUF36081AA AWUF36101AA AWUF36101AA MBE1200AA-1 MBE1200AA-1 MBE1600AA-1 MBE1600AA-1 MBE2000AA-1 MBE2000AA-1 MBR0800AA-1 MBR0800AA-1 MBR1200AA-1 MBR1200AA-1 MBR1600AA-1 MBR1600AA-1 MBR2000AA-1 MBR2000AA-1

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