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Carrier LH680013 Furnace Flame Sensor

  • OEM Carrier, Bryant, Payne Furnace Flame Sensor/ Rod LH680013
1.000 LBS
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Product Description

Carrier LH680013 Flame Sensor Rod 

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AICLH13, LH680013, LH33WZ514, LH33WZ516

Includes leads with connector

1/4" male quick-connect


Other Furnace Model Numbers that use this Flame Sensor

340MAV048060ACKA 340MAV048060ADKA 340MAV048060AEKA 340MAV048060AFKA 340MAV048060AGKA 340MAV048080AAKA 340MAV048080ABKA 340MAV048080ACKA 340MAV048080ADKA 340MAV048080AEKA 340MAV048080AFKA 340MAV048080AGKA 340MAV048100AAKA 340MAV048100ABKA 340MAV048100ACKA 340MAV048100ADKA 340MAV048100AEKA 340MAV048100AFKA 340MAV048100AGKA 340MAV060080AAKA 340MAV060080ABKA 340MAV060080ACKA 340MAV060080ADKA 340MAV060080AEKA 340MAV060080AFKA 340MAV060080AGKA 340MAV060100AAKA 340MAV060100ABKA 340MAV060100ACKA 340MAV060100ADKA 340MAV060100AEKA 340MAV060100AFKA 340MAV060100AGKA 340MAV060120AAKA 340MAV060120ABKA 340MAV060120ACKA 340MAV060120ADKA 340MAV060120AEKA 340MAV060120AFKA 340MAV060120AGKA 340MAV060140ADKA 340MAV060140AEKA 340MAV060140AFKA 340MAV060140AGKA 345MAV024040AAKA 345MAV024040ABKA 345MAV024040ACKA 345MAV024040ADKA 345MAV024060AAKA 345MAV024060ABKA 345MAV024060ACKA 345MAV024060ADKA 345MAV036040AAKA 345MAV036040ABKA 345MAV036040ACKA 345MAV036040ADKA 345MAV036060AAKA 345MAV036060ABKA 345MAV036060ACKA 345MAV036060ADKA 345MAV036080AAKA 345MAV036080ABKA 345MAV036080ACKA 345MAV036080ADKA 345MAV048060AAKA 345MAV048060ABKA 345MAV048060ACKA 345MAV048060ADKA 345MAV048080AAKA 345MAV048080ABKA 345MAV048080ACKA 345MAV048080ADKA 345MAV048100AAKA 345MAV048100ABKA 345MAV048100ACKA 345MAV048100ADKA 345MAV060080AAKA 345MAV060080ABKA 345MAV060080ACKA 345MAV060080ADKA 345MAV060100AAKA 345MAV060100ABKA 345MAV060100ACKA 345MAV060100ADKA 345MAV060120AAKA 345MAV060120ABKA 345MAV060120ACKA 345MAV060120ADKA 350AAV024040FASA 350AAV024040FBSA 350AAV024040FCSA
340AAV024040AASA 340AAV024040ABSA 340AAV024040ACSA 340AAV024040LBSA 340AAV024060AASA 340AAV024060ABSA 340AAV024060ACSA 340AAV024060LBSA 340AAV036040AASA 340AAV036040ABSA 340AAV036040ACSA 340AAV036040LBSA 340AAV036060AASA 340AAV036060ABSA 340AAV036060ACSA 340AAV036060LBSA 340AAV036080AASA 340AAV036080ABSA 340AAV036080ACSA 340AAV036080LBSA 340AAV048060AASA 340AAV048060ABSA 340AAV048060ACSA 340AAV048060LBSA 340AAV048080AASA 340AAV048080ABSA 340AAV048080ACSA 340AAV048080LBSA 340AAV048100AASA 340AAV048100ABSA 340AAV048100ACSA 340AAV048100LBSA 340AAV060080AASA 340AAV060080ABSA 340AAV060080ACSA 340AAV060080LBSA 340AAV060100AASA 340AAV060100ABSA 340AAV060100ACSA 340AAV060100LBSA 340AAV060120AASA 340AAV060120ABSA 340AAV060120ACSA 340AAV060120LBSA 340AAV060140AASA 340AAV060140ABSA 340AAV060140ACSA 340AAV060140LBSA 340MAV024040AAKA 340MAV024040ABKA 340MAV024040ACKA 340MAV024040ADKA 340MAV024040AEKA 340MAV024040AFKA 340MAV024040AGKA 340MAV024060ACKA 340MAV024060ADKA 340MAV024060AEKA 340MAV024060AFKA 340MAV024060AGKA 340MAV036040AAKA 340MAV036040ABKA 340MAV036040ACKA 340MAV036040ADKA 340MAV036040AEKA 340MAV036040AFKA 340MAV036040AGKA 340MAV036060AAKA 340MAV036060ABKA 340MAV036060ACKA 340MAV036060ADKA 340MAV036060AEKA 340MAV036060AFKA 340MAV036060AGKA 340MAV036060LEKA 340MAV036080AAKA 340MAV036080ABKA 340MAV036080ACKA 340MAV036080ADKA 340MAV036080AEKA 340MAV036080AFKA 340MAV036080AGKA 340MAV048060AAKA 340MAV048060ABKA
350AAV024060FASA 350AAV024060FBSA 350AAV024060FCSA 350AAV036040FASA 350AAV036040FBSA 350AAV036040FCSA 350AAV036060FASA 350AAV036060FBSA 350AAV036060FCSA 350AAV036080FASA 350AAV036080FBSA 350AAV036080FCSA 350AAV048060FASA 350AAV048060FBSA 350AAV048060FCSA 350AAV048080FASA 350AAV048080FBSA 350AAV048080FCSA 350AAV048100FASA 350AAV048100FBSA 350AAV048100FCSA 350AAV060080FASA 350AAV060080FBSA 350AAV060080FCSA 350AAV060100FASA 350AAV060100FBSA 350AAV060100FCSA 350AAV060120FASA 350AAV060120FBSA 350AAV060120FCSA 350AAV060140FASA 350AAV060140FBSA 350AAV060140FCSA 350MAV024040AAKA 350MAV024040ABKA 350MAV024040ACKA 350MAV024040ADKA 350MAV024040AEKA 350MAV024040FEKA 350MAV024040FFKA 350MAV024060ACKA 350MAV024060ADKA 350MAV024060AEKA 350MAV024060FEKA 350MAV024060FFKA 350MAV036040AAKA 350MAV036040ABKA 350MAV036040ACKA 350MAV036040ADKA 350MAV036040AEKA 350MAV036040FEKA 350MAV036040FFKA 350MAV036060AAKA 350MAV036060ABKA 350MAV036060ACKA 350MAV036060ADKA 350MAV036060AEKA 350MAV036060FEKA 350MAV036060FFKA 350MAV036060LDKA 350MAV036080AAKA 350MAV036080ABKA 350MAV036080ACKA 350MAV036080ADKA 350MAV036080AEKA 350MAV036080FEKA 350MAV036080FFKA 350MAV048060AAKA 350MAV048060ABKA 350MAV048060ACKA 350MAV048060ADKA 350MAV048060AEKA 350MAV048060FEKA 350MAV048060FFKA 350MAV048080AAKA 350MAV048080ABKA 350MAV048080ACKA 350MAV048080ADKA 350MAV048080AEKA 350MAV048080FEKA 350MAV048080FFKA 350MAV048100AAKA 350MAV048100ABKA 350MAV048100ACKA 350MAV048100ADKA 350MAV048100AEKA 350MAV048100FEKA 350MAV048100FFKA 350MAV060080AAKA 350MAV060080ABKA 350MAV060080ACKA 350MAV060080ADKA 350MAV060080AEKA 350MAV060080FEKA 350MAV060080FFKA 350MAV060100AAKA 350MAV060100ABKA 350MAV060100ACKA 350MAV060100ADKA 350MAV060100AEKA 350MAV060100FEKA 350MAV060100FFKA 350MAV060120AAKA 350MAV060120ABKA 350MAV060120ACKA 350MAV060120ADKA 350MAV060120AEKA 350MAV060120FEKA 350MAV060120FFKA 350MAV060120LDKA 350MAV060140ADKA 350MAV060140AEKA 350MAV060140FEKA 350MAV060140FFKA 351DAS036080AAKA 351DAS036080ABKA 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355MAV060080FFKA 355MAV060080FGKA 355MAV060080FHKA 355MAV060100AAKA 355MAV060100ABKA 355MAV060100ACKA 355MAV060100ADKA 355MAV060100AEKA 355MAV060100FFKA 355MAV060100FGKA 355MAV060100FHKA 355MAV060120ACKA 355MAV060120ADKA 355MAV060120AEKA 355MAV060120FFKA 355MAV060120FGKA 355MAV060120FHKA 490AAV024040AAKA 490AAV024040ABKA 490AAV024040ACKA 490AAV024040ADKA 490AAV024060ACKA 490AAV024060ADKA 490AAV036040AAKA 490AAV036040ABKA 490AAV036040ACKA 490AAV036040ADKA 490AAV036060AAKA 490AAV036060ABKA 490AAV036060ACKA 490AAV036060ADKA 490AAV036080AAKA 490AAV036080ABKA 490AAV036080ACKA 490AAV036080ADKA 490AAV048060AAKA 490AAV048060ABKA 490AAV048060ACKA 490AAV048060ADKA 490AAV048080AAKA 490AAV048080ABKA 490AAV048080ACKA 490AAV048080ADKA 490AAV048100AAKA 490AAV048100ABKA 490AAV048100ACKA 490AAV048100ADKA 490AAV060080AAKA 490AAV060080ABKA 490AAV060080ACKA 490AAV060080ADKA 490AAV060100AAKA 490AAV060100ABKA 490AAV060100ACKA 490AAV060100ADKA 490AAV060120AAKA 490AAV060120ABKA 490AAV060120ACKA 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Product Videos

Furnace Flame Sensor - Furnace Cycling On and Off- Furnace Troubleshooting (02:41)
furnaces have a "flame sensor" in them to detect if the gas has been lit or not. Subscribe and visit our website: oemhvacpartscanada.ca Click the link in the video for a coupon code! If your furnace cycles on and off, the problem is normally the furnace flame sensor. By removing and replacing the furnace flame sensor, you can get your furnace to cycle properly. When you remove the furnace flame sensor, be careful that you do not damage the wires. Also, at this point in time you should be checking to make sure there is no other damage to your furnace. To help with maintaining your furnace, you should clean your furnace flame sensor once a year and you will add life to the sensor. Click Here For a Coupon http://www.oemhvacpartscanada.ca/youtube/
  • Furnace Flame ...
    furnaces have a "flame sensor" in them to detect if the gas ha...

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  1. Replacement 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Feb 2017

    Furnace is working as it should again.

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