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Lennox 60L21 Blower Motor 1/3 Hp Volts 115 Spd-4

  • Lennox 60L21 Blower Motor 1/3 Hp Volts 115 Spd-4
13.410 LBS
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Product Description

60L21 - Lennox OEM Replacement Furnace Blower Motor 1/3 HP 115 Volt


HP: 1/3

Volts: 115

Hertz: 60

Phase: 1

RPM: 1075

Speed: 4

Shaft Diameter: 0.5"

Shaft Length: 4"

Frame: 48Y

Capacitor: 5 MFD X 370 Volts

Replaces Lennox Part Numbers:

Part 60L21 replaced 21W85 replaced 18M26 replaced 45H31 replaced 79A52 replaced 21L92 replaced 89C36 replaced 45H69 replaced 37J25 replaced 89C3601 replaced 57C2501 replaced 45H6901 replaced 100649-01 replaced 79A5201 replaced 60L2101 replaced 45H3101 replaced 37J2501 replaced 21L9201 replaced 18M2601

78RGF3-50, 78RGF3-75, 78UGF3-50, 78UGF3-75, 78UGF3X-50, 78UGF3X-75, 80AF1DF045P12A, 80AF1DF070P12A, 80AF1UH045P12A,

80AF1UH045P12AL, 80AF1UH070P12A, 80AF1UH070P12AL, 80AF1UH090P12B, 80MGF3/4-100A, 80MGF3/4-100S, 80MGF3/4X-100A

80MGF3-60A, 80MGF3-75A, 80MGF3-75S, 80MGF3X-60A, 80MGF3X-75A, 80MGF-60, 80MGF-75, 80UHG2-60A, 80UHG3-60A, 80UHG3-75A

80UHG3X-60A, 80UHG3X-75A, 80UHGM3-75, 90UGFA3-75, 92AF1DF045P12B, 92AF1DF070P12B, 92AF1UH045P12B, 92AF1UH070P12B

92AF1UH090P12C, 95AF1DF045P12, 95AF1DF070P12B, 95AF1UH070P12B, 95AF1UH090P12C, AM30Q2/3-70, EL195DF045P36B, EL195DF045XP36B

EL195UH045P36B, EL195UH045XP36B, EL195UH070P36B, EL195UH070XP36B, EL195UH090P36C, EL195UH090XP36C, EL280DF070P36A

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G11D2E-82V, G11E-40, G11E-82, G11Q2-82, G11Q3-82, G11Q3E-40, G11Q3E-82, G11Q3E-82V, G12E-110, G12E-137, G12E-28, G12E-40, G12E-82

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G14Q3CAN-40-6, G14Q3CAN-60-1, G14Q3CAN-60-22, G14Q3CAN-60-23, G14Q3CAN-60-3, G14Q3CAN-60-4, G14Q3CAN-60-5, G14Q3CAN-60-6

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G20R(Q3,Q4)(E,X)-75(H), G20R(Q3,Q4/5)(E,X)-125(H), G20RQ2/3(E,X)-50(H), G21Q3-40-1, G21Q3-40-2, G21Q3-40-3, G21Q3-40-4, G21Q3-40-7, G21Q3-40-8

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ML195UH090P36C, ML195UH090XP36C, O12Q3-105, O12Q4-105



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Product Reviews

  1. Lennox 60L21 replacement 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jun 2018

    Easy fix to a non functioning blower fan. plugged right in with the same wiring and leads as the original. Price was good, but shipping could be faster, took a week from order to arrive. It would have been good to know when to expect the delivery with a tracking number. All in all a better solution than paying someone to do it for you.

  2. Lennox 60L21 fan motor replacement 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Aug 2016

    Installation was easy and ended with a functional fan. But original motor was Emerson leadless and the new one is US Motors leaded. An installation sheet with motor lead/speed settings is included but needs careful study to connect the new motor properly. Take a photo of the motor wires at the control board before removal. Delivery was 4 business days by Canada Post.

  3. Lennox G26Q3-75-1 Fan Motor 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2016

    This is not quite the same as the original motor which was leadless. As a result the exchange required removal of the original motor leads and routing of the new leads to the control board once the motor was replaced.

    Original motor had four mounts to the fan case. Replacement had only three, but no issues fitting to existing holes.

    Future motor/fan removal will now be a bit painful due to the need to disconnect leads at control board prior to removing the motor. Alas, the control board has to be moved out of the way anyway to remove the fan, so some disconnecting is inevitable.

    Be sure to label wires and have a schematic handy. Otherwise some head scratching and soul searching may be needed.

    It may have been luck, but the motor was ordered on Thursday morning and on my doorstep in the GTA on Friday afternoon.

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